Kaş is a small and beautiful touristic town, leaning against the slopes of the Taurus Mountains and embracing the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Kaş is a blue corner of heaven.

Kaş is an important holiday resort with natural beauties as well as history.

Kaş has become the focus of attention of tourists because of its nature, cultural structure, historical ruins and turquoise waters.

You can catch different tastes in small restaurants in narrow streets in Kaş, take a boat ride, enjoy the unique sea and sun, watch a concert in the ancient theatre,

You can glide in the sky with paragliding and watch Kaş from a bird's eye view, snorkel and observe the seabed, scuba dive and look at historical ship or plane wrecks, swim with fish or sea turtles,

In Kekova, you can watch the sunken city with glass-bottomed boats or canoes.

You can explore nature and history, ancient civilizations in ancient cities on the Lycian Walking Path,

In the canyon, you can jump into the cool waters and climb the rocks or you can lie on a beach and watch the passing boats.

You can reach Kaş with a 2.30-hour journey from Dalaman airport. On this journey, you can benefit from the comfort of our company's various transfer vehicles.

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