Lara, having one of Turkey's largest beaches, is located in Antalya's Serik district. It is 18 kilometers from the center of Antalya.

Lara Beach is quite wide, the beach consists of fine and small sands. That's why Lara Beach is also called "Golden Sand Beach". While the length of Lara Beach reaches 2 kilometers, its width is known as an average of 45 meters.

In addition, Karpuz Liftan Beach is located in the west of Lara and Kumköy beach is located in the east.

In addition, Antalya cliffs are located in Lada. Cliffs are a very special place both visually and in terms of exploring natural life.

Lara is integrated with nature. It is also possible to camp in Lara, which has forested areas behind it. People who love nature and the sea can have a holiday in Lara. Lara beaches have walking and cycling paths. There are tent camping areas for those who want to camp in nature.

Antalya Airport is 15 kilometers from Lara. You can easily reach from other parts of Antalya. Our company's comfortable, luxury vehicles and experienced staff are serving to those who want to go to Lara from our region.

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