Sailboat is the name given to the boat, a watercraft whose masts are stretched with thick cloth in order to navigate by making use of the power of the wind in the sea.

Traveling with a sailboat causes an extra adrenaline in people. Because with the wind under your wings, you experience an excitement as if you are flying.

Traveling by sailboat is fantastic. Sometimes you can experience an unforgettable sunrise and sometimes a romantic sunset.

Sometimes you feel like you have found paradise in turquoise waters, and sometimes you experience the mystery of deep blue waters and embark on adventures.

Traveling by sailboat is indispensable in the summer months. Summer months are the most ideal for the calm weather and the comfort of the holiday.

You can explore the beaches of Muğla by renting a sailboat that suits your taste and budget. You can spend a peaceful, comfortable and adventurous holiday.

You don't need to be sporty or talented to travel with a sailboat. You don't even need to be a strong swimmer. With a life jacket you will have, you can travel comfortably and safely with a sailboat.

Contact us about a sailboat charter that fits your budget. Experience an unforgettable holiday with the options we will offer you.

Our contact numbers for detailed information:

TEL: +90 252 286 85 75

MOB : +90 542 557 76 76


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